August 18, 2018

Nils Frahm On Building

I feel like everybody now gets inspired by a preset or a sample library that comes with a program; and you can just go with that, if you feel like making it easy. But the person who thought life should be easier, I want to meet that person and punish him. It makes life horrible and not worth living.

We are experiencing a depression in our society right now, which I think is due to people feeling like they are not challenged. They also don’t have tools at hand that give them the experience of doing something grown-up. Babies, grown-ups, and grandparents are all on their tablets or whatever. They all have the same tactile experience. They all use an Apple product, but nobody feels like they built something with their own hands and uses it.

Nobody gets the joy of doing that. If everybody would build even just a little piece of furniture for their equipment; you make it and then you’re so happy. Even a little shelf; it’s like building a little universe.