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I don’t feel whole without a few projects on my plate.

Which means that I’m never comfortable just kicking back and relaxing on a beach somewhere. Although I hate the cult of the hustle, I do believe in hard work and scratching an itch. The projects below represent me scratching a few itches by working hard to produce interesting, helpful work.

Delivering: A Podcast by Litmus

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Delivering is a podcast that moves beyond just industry news for designers and developers and looks at the email industry as a whole, from strategy and copywriting to design, development, tooling, trends, culture, and more. Through industry analysis, in-depth interviews, and conversations with those shaping the email industry, Delivering illuminates an evolving and thriving community for email professionals and how email impacts not only business, but the world.

Role: Host, Producer

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Litmus Live

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Litmus Live is the premier conference for email marketing professionals. It’s the best place to get real-world advice, best practices, and practical takeaways from the smartest people in the email industry. Over the last 5+ years, I’ve helped bring Litmus Live to life, planning and executing everything from conference logistics to agendas, workshops, and speaker coaching. Along the way, I’ve met thousands of email and marketing geeks, helped people grow their skills and careers, and made more than a few lasting friendships.

Role: Conference Organizer, Speaking Coach, Workshop Host, On-Stage Personality

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The Better Email

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The Better Email on Design is the ultimate guide to understanding HTML email design and development. It teaches you how to build robust, responsive, and interactive HTML email campaigns that your subscribers will devour. Both the book and videos dive into topics like email structure, typography and accessibility, using images, responsive design, and even adding animation and interactivity to your email campaigns.

If you want a handbook to quickly reference when you’re building your own emails, the 225-page PDF book will be your best friend. If you want your own, personal email development workshop, there are over 6 hours of step-by-step video tutorials available, too. Combined, they create the most comprehensive course on email design and development available.

Role: Author, Designer, Video Producer, Publisher

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Modern HTML Email

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Modern HTML Email is an introduction to modern email marketing practices. It’s been used by thousands of email marketers, from beginners to industry veterans, to bring their HTML email campaigns into the 21st century.

The second edition was published by Litmus and includes both updated chapters and completely new sections on email law, design techniques, coding methods, and more. The example template has been completely rewritten to reflect more up-to-date coding practices, making email development easier than ever before.

Role: Author

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Professional Email Design

Professional Email Design was my second book on email design and development. It helped popularize responsive email design and was bought by thousands of email marketing professionals to improve their skills.

Professional Email Design was eventually replaced by The Better Email on Design.

Role: Author, Designer, Publisher