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Jason Rodriguez. Mostly writer, sometimes designer. Always an advocate for the open web, email, accessibility, inclusion, and lifelong learning.

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Short Profile

Jason Rodriguez is an author, designer, and teacher. As the sole Community Evangelist at Litmus, he spends his time teaching people about how to create better, more valuable relationships with subscribers through email strategy, copywriting, design, and development.

Long Profile

Jason Rodriguez is the Community & Product Evangelist at Litmus. Through writing, speaking, podcasting, and webinaring (is that a word?), he helps the email industry send better emails and create deeper, more valuable relationships with subscribers.

Prior to Litmus, Jason lived the agency life as an email and web designer. Over the past decade, Jason has written multiple books on email marketing, design, and development, and hundreds of thousands of words for the Litmus blog and industry publications like A List Apart and CSS-Tricks.

When not writing, Jason helps organize and host Litmus Live, the premier annual conference for the email industry. He routinely speaks at industry events and hosts practical, hands-on workshops to teach people how to design and develop better, more accessible email campaigns.

Jason lives in Michigan with his wife, two daughters, and a growing stack of books.

Notable Publications

In the last ten years, I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words on email strategy, copywriting, design, development, and accessibility. If you really want, I could probably wrangle a list of all of the articles, ebooks, and books I’ve written, but here are my favorites:

Notable Speaking Engagements

Over the last few years, I’ve attended over 30 conferences and meetups. Of those, I’ve spoken at quite a few of them. Here are some notable ones:

  • Inclusive Email Marketing, Emailing2020, keynote
  • Understanding Email Design and Development, Litmus Live, workshop
  • Email Best Practices to Improve Accessibility, Salesforce Connections
  • Engaging Subscribers with High-Performance Design, Litmus Live, workshop
  • Wrapping Your Head Around Modern HTML Email, Digital Summit, session
  • Innovations and Best Practices in Email Marketing, Financial Brand Forum, session
  • Email at the Turning Point, e-Village Inspiration Sessions, keynote
  • But what about email?, QA Summit, session
  • Building Mobile-First Emails, Silverpop Amplify, workshop
  • Building Better HTML Email Campaigns, HighEdWeb Technical Academy, workshop
  • 5 Trends Shaping the Email Marketing Industry, Litmus Live, session
  • Building a Community with Curated Content, The Email Design Conference, session
  • Designing for Emotion in Email, The Email Design Conference, session
  • Designing and Building Emails for Everyone, SoundBoard Marketing, session


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