April 3, 2018

Why are we sending editorial newsletters with marketing tools?

A really interesting question from Ernie Smith. I’ve often wondered why there aren’t more alternatives to TinyLetter. Or why TinyLetter wasn’t any better than it has been for the past X years. I know it comes down to money (companies like MailChimp go where the money is, which is currently marketing automation), but it seems like an editorial channel as valuable as email would warrant investment in better tools.

I’d love to see someone tackle this problem. A Ghost or WordPress for email sounds thoroughly intriguing. I know there’s TinyLetter and stuff like Curated, but don’t think these take things far enough. In the case of TinyLetter, it’s just a huge pain to use from a design perspective. Curated and its ilk have better designs, but lock you into a specific format (link roundups). Just think of the possibilities if we had an email-centric tool that allowed you to easily write, manage, edit, and publish editorial content of any length, along with doing it in a well-designed template with options for customization and branding.

Something for the ideas book. Maybe I’ll build something one of these days…