Q1 2019

Here are my objectives and key results for Q1 of 2019.

No. 1  
Objective Grade
Track key life habits TBD
Key Results Grade
Track habits in spreadsheet at least 5 days a week. TBD
Wear FitBit every single day. TBD
Do daily weigh-ins every single day. TBD
No. 2  
Objective Grade
Publish Speak Easier TBD
Key Results Grade
Finish first draft of Speak Easier by January 31st. TBD
Complete design and proofing by February 8th. TBD
Make available for sale by February 26th. TBD
No. 3  
Objective Grade
Make music on a regular basis TBD
Key Results Grade
Learn one new song a week. TBD
Record one song per month. TBD
Use a new production technique for each song recorded. TBD