Q4 2018

Here are my objectives and key results for Q4 of 2018.

No. 1  
Objective Grade
Create healthier habits ahead of 2019 fitness push. 0
Key Results Grade
Lose 10 pounds by December 31st. 0
Get 10k steps at least four days a week. 0
Go sugar/caffeine free for at least 45 days. 0
No. 2  
Objective Grade
Increase my profile as a public speaking expert. 0.5
Key Results Grade
Get 1 article published on speaking in external publication. 1
Finish first draft of Speak Easier. 0
Submit 5 CFPs to conferences for next year. 0.5
No. 3  
Objective Grade
Increase the reach and influence of my newsletter. 0.5
Key Results Grade
Grow email subscribers to 2,000. 0.1
Publish The Intermittent Newsletter at least once a week. 0.4
Average 40% open rate. 1