Pass the Vote at Home Act

A letter to my Senators:

Dear Senator,

If the 2020 Presidential election proved anything, it’s that the country needs better access to safe voting options. The pandemic, combined with decades of gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts and, more recently, disastrous changes at the United States Postal Service made this past election a difficult and dangerous one.

But America—and democracy itself—is stronger when more people can participate in it. That’s why we need to get the Vote At Home Act of 2021 passed as soon as possible. The three major provisions—national vote by mail, USPS funding, and automatic voter registration—will empower citizens across the country to make their voices heard.

The time for disenfranchising voters is over. Americans deserve easier, fairer, and safer access to voting—and you can help make that happen.

Jason Rodriguez
Wayne County, MI