A Letter to My Senators Subject:

End the Legislative Filibuster

Written on January 22, 2021

Dear Senator,

I’m writing to urge you to support ending the legislative filibuster in the Senate.

While various reforms—like the introduction of cloture and the two-track system—tried to mitigate its effects, the resulting increase in filibuster threats has slowed down or halted important legislation and the Republican-introduced “nuclear option” has led to disastrous appointments across our nation’s courts.

Some argue that the filibuster’s end and reliance on a simple majority would allow divisive legislation to be overturned in future sessions of Congress. I believe that’s a risk worth taking. Allow legislation to be passed and tested in the real world instead of submitting to haggling and intimidation.

We have an opportunity to use the current Democrat controlled Congress to make important changes. Abolishing the filibuster should be one of those changes. Use Congress to teach people how legislation can be a force for good and help improve the lives of Americans today and in the future.

Jason Rodriguez
Wayne County, MI

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