Convict Donald Trump

A letter to my Senators:

Dear Senator,

Today, I was heartened to hear that Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for a second time. His—ultimately deadly—incitement of insurrection was an affront to our democracy and everyone who has given their time, energy, and lives to upholding it for the past 244 years.

While his impeachment is a good first step towards holding him accountable for the attack on Congress, it will be nothing more than a footnote in history books if the Senate votes against his conviction. It is absolutely vital for you to vote in favor of convicting and removing Donald Trump from office—not only to protect our country in this moment but to strengthen our fragile democracy against future sedition and insurrection.

Few of us are in a position to do something tangible about this shocking tragedy. You are. And you owe it to all of your constituents to uphold your oath to protect the Constitution from all threats—foreign and domestic.

Thank you,
Jason Rodriguez
Wayne County, Michigan