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Regular Communication #034

From Jason Rodriguez

Howdy! It's been a while (hasn't it always?)...

When last I left you, I was marking myself safe from the latest round of layoffs at GitHub. Still safe, still doing the best work I can. Currently helping with a massive migration from one marketing platform to another, and getting more deeply entrenched in the equally massive Microsoft world (they own us, in case you didn't know). It's good and bad, just like any job, really. I hit my 1 year anniversary back in June and wrote a little bit about the major difference I've seen working on both sides of the marketing divide.

I also shared that Nickel Creek was on repeat and that I had tickets to an upcoming show. After attending said show, I can wholeheartedly recommend that you try to see them live if you're able. They are some of the best musicians and performers in the world. Energetic, funny, at ease in front of a big crowd... just thoroughly entertaining on stage.

How's your work going? How's life going? See any good shows or listen to any good music lately? Hit reply and let me know.

Interesting Things

Here's a great, nostalgic story about the heady days of the early internet. Benj Edwards remembers that one time spending 20 hours online warranted an email from the ISP's president.

Meg Elison shared a sobering, realistic, and—quite frankly—rage-inducing list of all the times she knew she was poor working in tech.

Here's an absolutely wonderful resource: An easy to digest, beautifully designed online encyclopedia of microaggressions and their impact.

Ever wondered, "What makes a URL?" Jim Nielsen has got you covered.

A lot of Hacker News threads devolve into complete annoyance. This one’s an exception and really pleasant to spend some time in: What’s the coolest physical thing you’ve made?

Finally, here's a great, positive overview of what's routinely described as the happiest developer community around. A wonderful title to hold when so much online discourse around programming languages and tech is so hostile.

On Repeat

I've been digging the straight forward rock vibes from The Bad Ends recently. They're an Athens, GA "super group" that consists of a few local legends, most notably Bill Berry from R.E.M. on drums and Mike Mantione from Five Eight on vocals and guitar. I was lucky enough to find a signed copy of their album at my local record shop which has been on the turntable pretty consistently. Check out their Tiny Desk (Home) concert over on YouTube.


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