The Intermittent Newsletter
by Jason Rodriguez

Announcing The Better Email

Alright, time to announce the followup to Professional Email Design: TheBetter.Email. Catchy name and URL, right?

There's a fair amount to unpack about The Better Email. What is it? What's included? How do current customers get their hands on the update? Don't worry... I wrote a blog post over on The Better Email laying everything out in detail. Go read about it here. In short, it's now coming out on November 1st and anyone who's purchased a copy of Professional Email Design before that will get a free update.

I've also set up a newsletter for The Better Email. On top of project updates, I'll be sending out interesting links about the email industry, sharing some of my favorite email campaigns, and posting interviews with industry folks. Basically, all of my email-related work from here on out is moving over to The Better Email.

To make it easier for you, here's a link to automatically subscribe to The Better Email newsletter. Just tap that and you'll be added to the list. You'll also receive a free 6-page PDF download describing the differences between coding for the web and email.

Things of Interest

I've been doing a ton of writing for The Better Email in Scrivener lately. Part of that is formatting a lot of code examples. Unfortunately, there's no shortcut to format code in Scrivener. So I made my own.

I absolutely love this piece from Hallie Bateman on what makes an artist an artist. Hint: most people are artists in some capacity.

Finally, I've been absolutely obsessed with this video of Francis and The Lights, Chance The Rapper, and Justin Vernon performing Friends. There's so much joy on that stage. I love it.

What's on your mind?

Strong reactions to any of the above? Want to chat about the web, email, or anything else? Email me and let me know. I promise I'll reply.