The Intermittent Newsletter
by Jason Rodriguez

Plans Change

You thought this email was going to be about the next release of Professional Email Design, didn't you? Well, it was supposed to be, but things have changed and I wanted to let you know what was going on instead.

When I set out to update Professional Email Design, it was going to be a simple revision to the existing chapters with some additional information thrown in. During the course of writing those revisions, though, I started to envision something much larger. A book update that goes beyond simple revisions and adds a whole lot more. So I ran with it.

That means I'm extending the release date. No new book for you today… I'm not ready to share all the details about the larger project (that will hopefully come later this week), but I do have some information for you over on my blog.

Things of Interest

You may have noticed my website changed a bit recently, too. During the course of building out this new project, I started using Tachyons, a functional CSS framework. I almost immediately fell in love with it and used it to redo my personal site. It took about 45 minutes, it was amazing. You should definitely check it out.

You've likely heard about the Google manifesto, a horrible polemic masquerading as a science-backed, well-reasoned argument against women in engineering roles. Hopefully we can all agree that it's disgusting and wrong. But, if you need further convincing, this post from Jeremy Keith was one of my favorite takes on the whole debacle.

Go read some more Ethan Marcotte.

Finally, I've been obsessed with The Nib for a while now. I'm a massive comics and cartooning fan, and they've been publishing some amazing work. Check it out.

What's on your mind?

Strong reactions to any of the above? Want to chat about the web, email, or anything else? Email me and let me know. I promise I'll reply.