The Intermittent Newsletter
by Jason Rodriguez

The Nerves of a New Product Manager

nerves illustration

Some of you may know that I've changed roles at work. Where once I was the community manager (god, I hate that term) and marketing team member—among other things—I am now a product manager focusing on improving and building out the Litmus Community. Also, among other things. We all wear a lot of hats.

When I made that switch late last year, I started keeping a kind of diary online, in the guise of a Medium publication, recording my thoughts on making the transition to product management. I've since stopped posting there, but want to continue talking about the subject on my own site.

With that in mind, my latest post digs into my decision to become a product manager and all of the emotions that come with taking on a new role. Read it right here.

Things of Interest

I loved this post from Leigha Mitchell on what a woman in tech wants from a company. Calling bullshit on typical startup culture is a good first step, and her ideas on what matters in a company should be required reading for everyone.

This sounds lovely. Maybe more companies will follow suit? Probably not.

Finally, some love for the folks at Ableton for this absolutely beautiful site for learning about music. Their design is truly exceptional, and their content is catching up quickly.

What's on your mind?

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