The Intermittent Newsletter
by Jason Rodriguez

A bit about this newsletter…

I took a bit of time to write up some thoughts about building out this very newsletter. In a nutshell, it’s about trying to leave tables behind when building HTML emails, and some of the considerations involved. While the newsletter isn’t completely table-free, it’s about as close as you can get while still displaying well across clients. I also touched on some accessibility issues and put the code up on GitHub. You can read about the process over on my blog.

Also, I’ve been writing quick reviews of all of the books I read in a month. The latest, for March, can be found here. If you want to catch up on everything in 2017, check out January and February, too. Top recommendation for the past month? Easily Cal Newport’s Deep Work. Highly, highly recommended.

Things of Interest

I loved this collection of quotes from Henry Rollins. He’s such a fascinating person and he shares some great insights into the creative process, his own work, and how to just get things done.

Over on The Email Design Podcast, we recently interviewed Courtney Fantinato about her work in the industry and the agency life. I don’t think people get enough credit working in an agency setting. That shit’s hard. While I definitely don’t miss my agency days, I do miss some of the benefits of agency life—primarily being able to work on a variety of projects. Yay for side projects.

This past week, I ran a workshop at the Litmus offices in Boston. It was a small group, which I absolutely loved, and went over the basics of email design, responsive email, and different mobile approaches. I’ve given similar workshops in the past (and am slated to give a few more in the future), but I’m always trying to improve them.

I keep coming back to two posts to help me improve my workshop format. The first is this one from Scott Berkun. I love his thoughts on making things hands-on and avoiding lecture syndrome. Definitely something I’ve fallen victim to in the past. The second is this one from Jeremy Keith of Clearleft. I actually tried this activity out this past week with mixed results. Still, I think I’m going to iterate on it in the future.

What's on your mind?

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