October 24, 2012

Woody Allen Movies

My wife and I love Woody Allen. He makes awesome movies that are hilarious, well-written, and often times poignant. He’s been active for the better part of 50 years (or more if you count his joke writing) and naturally has a TON of movies under his belt. We sometimes argue about what movies we have seen and can never seem to remember all of them. Just last night she tried to convince me that we watched Mighty Aphrodite together. I’m convinced she is wrong. Being a web worker, I decided to throw together a little one-pager to keep better track of all of the Woody Allen movies we have seen.

It would be easy to just mark up an unordered list, style it up a bit, and throw it up on a server. But I wanted to mess around with some new techniques to get a better understanding of them. I’ve always loved the look of parallax scrolling in web design, but I’ve never really done anything with it. After reading this article on NetTuts, I really wanted to try it out. I set up the page, got some images going, and used their script. There isn’t too much going on here other than a little math, so it was easy to follow along. I know there are a lot of Javascript libraries out there for this that have a ton of features, but I liked the simplicity of this approach and it gives me a good foundation to work from when I want to add my own stuff to it. I eventually want to mess about and add auto-scrolling, snapping, and overlayed navigation - but all in good time.

I’m not too concerned about any of this working on mobile right now, it was more just a hacked together page to keep track of something with a little style. The only responsive stuff I have going on is a media-query to adjust the text size on anything iPad portrait and smaller. I did find that the background images get pretty damned abstract on mobile. I’m using background-size:cover; to handle them, and it works OK on my Nexus S, but gets really abstract on iOS. Which I kind of like and plan on leaving as-is for now.

Eventually I will update it and make it a little more full-featured, but right now I am just happy that I have something to reference when Woody Allen starts interfering with my marriage.