Wait. What just happened to my email?

February 11, 2016

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Alex Mohr from Sendwithus last week for a webinar titled, “Wait. What just happened to my email?”

We had a lot of fun going over some of the most common design problems people just getting started in email marketing are likely to run into, along with some good solutions to those problems. While we looked at things through the lens of transactional email, the lessons are just as relevant to anyone sending marketing emails, too.

If you missed it, you can check out the slides and the recording over on the Litmus website. Be sure to check out the follow up post on the Litmus blog. I answered some of the questions from attendees that we couldn’t get to during the actual webinar—hitting on topics ranging from why Outlook and Gmail suck to responsive images, frameworks, and web fonts.