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Vote Him Out

Posted on October 28, 2020

Vote him out for his mishandling of the pandemic.

I’ve been helping out my local Democratic club lately by volunteering my design skills. Along with working on their websites and emails, I’ve designed a few GOTV mailers, too. Through volunteering, I seem to have rekindled my passion for designing things, which I don’t get to do too much anymore during my day job beyond slide decks and the like.

It seems that activism and graphic design trigger something good in me, which is why I spent some time yesterday putting together some anti-Trump social media graphics. While I shared them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I thought I’d post them here for posterity and in case anyone else wants to use them. Just credit me when you do, please.

Here’s the Dropbox link to all 10 images and a few of my favorites can be found below.

Vote him out for Amy Coney Barrett.

Vote him out for teargassing peaceful protesters.

Vote him out for his racism and support of white supremacists.

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