The Email Marketing Glossary

April 14, 2022

The Email Marketing Glossary logo

It started off innocently enough: I needed a lead magnet for an email list I was planning on building for The Better Email. My first thought was to do a glossary of 50-ish email marketing terms as a PDF, maybe 2-3 pages at most. I had a spreadsheet going but wanted some more terms. Naturally, I reached out to my email friends on Twitter and in the #EmailGeeks Slack group.

That’s when the suggestions started rolling in…

I quickly realized, once I got up around to a 100-ish terms that a PDF wasn’t going to cut it. It would be unwieldy at best to read through. Isn’t that great for searching. A pain to keep updated. And, quite frankly, I was doubtful that a glossary would be that great of a lead magnet to begin with. I can do better than that.

But, I still wanted to put a glossary together and get it out to the community to help lessen some of the confusion around email marketing and all of its acronyms and jargon.

So, I did what any self-respecting designer would do: I started to build a website.

More than a few hours later, I had built out The Email Marketing Glossary.

The Email Marketing Glossary is exactly that—a big ol’ list of email marketing terms, their definitions, and (in a lot of cases) links to resources to help provide additional information for curious folks. At the time of writing, it currently has 121 terms and definitions. To be fair, a few of those are fillers since I hated not having some letters of the alphabet have terms. Still, that’s a lot of definitions I had to pull together.

It’s necessarily a loooong page, but I put a handy bit of navigation to jump to specific sections. Using ⌘+F can be helpful, too. At some point, I might add some JS-powered search…

The cool thing is that it’s easy to update. It’s a Jekyll website, with terms consisting of markdown files with a bit of specific frontmatter that’s pulled into a template. And it’s all up on GitHub in case y’all want to help contribute. It’s easy, plenty of instructions there.

Okay, okay… enough already. Go check it out.

Special thanks to: Amy Kluber, Dylan Smith, Cat M, Michael Kosiba, Kiran Patel, Anthony Noel, Mike Rodewald, Edward Spethmann, Annett Forcier, Mark Robbins, Stephanie Griffith, Megan Boshuyzen, Paul Airy, Bert Lamb, Gonna Matson, Allea Grummert, Luke Erickson, Guilda Hildaire, Mateusz Dąbrowski, Holly, George DiGuido, David Carpio, Ed Burrows, Steve Douglas, Lee Munroe, Steve Henderson, Elliot Ross, Skyler H, Cassidy Monforte, Jason Isley, Akram Krayem, Francis Baker, Sam Metzroth, Anne Tomlin, Hilary Primack, Mr. Phar, Kasey Luck, Vinod Gurung, George Xing, Just Some Guy, Tami O’Neill, Nolan, Sweary Bilbo, Zuzanna Jarczynska, Tracy Face, Chris Grouge, and anyone else who sent in suggestions for terms. I’m still missing a few but will be adding more over time.

And a special thank you to Caitlen Berg for her quick proofreading and awesome suggestions for making the glossary better.