July 11, 2016

The Email Design Podcast is Back

It’s been a long time since I posted a podcast episode. With work projects, three conferences coming up, and life in general, it’s been hard to devote time to recording, editing, and uploading new episodes. It’s been a long streak of complete silence on our end.

Fortunately, that streak has come to an end. We just released not one, but two new episodes of The Email Design Podcast. Check them out below and listen to me and Kevin Mandeville chat about what’s going on in the email industry.

Episode 23

We discuss the iOS 10 beta, some weird updates (and fixes) to Yahoo Mail, and some email client updates. Oh, and we introduce a new feature, our favorite email of the week. Listen below of check it out on the Litmus blog.

Episode 24

We check out Outlook.com’s new rendering engine, some amazing new email templates, and Gmail’s continued attack on email design and marketing. Listen below of check it out on the Litmus blog.