Starting from Scratch(ish)

Posted on 03/31/2021

A blank, torn, yellow legal pad.

Things look different around here. That’s because I’ve felt terrible lately and needed a change.

I know I’m not alone when I say that the last year has gotten to me. Hell, the last four or five years, for that matter. A pandemic, political and social upheaval, work, parenthood, marriage, life… it all weighs on a person. But you know that.

I’ve tried lightening the load by reading more but ended up with a pile of half-finished books by my bed. I’ve tried setting goals over and over again but find myself too tired to work towards most of them. And I’ve tried plenty of retail therapy. My Fender Jazzmaster helps a lot, but I can only afford so many new guitars…

But all of that feels like a bandaid. Cover for something that needs fresh air to heal.

So, I’m letting in some fresh air by (mostly) starting over with my website, blog, and newsletter. I’ve stripped back my website’s styling to the bare minimum with which I’m comfortable, I’ve archived nearly a decade’s worth of blog posts, and I’m abandoning my “Intermittent Newsletter” and rethinking what that email might look like from scratch.

Perhaps more importantly, I’m going to focus on things that give me a bit of life instead of draining it. A little less email, marketing, and web-related stuff and a lot more design, music, civics, volunteering, helping others, etc. I’ve been talking about the former stuff for the past decade and it all gets posted elsewhere anyways, and I’ve been ignoring the latter except for in fits and starts over the years. But all of that stuff gets me excited and feeling creative instead of depleted. So that’s how I want to use my personal space on the internet.

All of that won’t cure the rampant racism, sexism, and economic inequality in America and around the world. It won’t bring back the lives lost to COVID-19. And it won’t do the work for me in my family life. But it will give me the energy and mental space to process all of those things better and do what I can to make the world a little bit better.

Thoughts on this post? Email me and let me know.