Modern HTML Email, Second Edition

October 27, 2015

A few years ago, I self-published a little book on HTML email marketing and design called Modern HTML Email. At the time, resources for learning email design were few and far between. While some organizations (Campaign Monitor, Litmus, MailChimp) and individuals (Anna over at STYLECampaign) had some great posts, there wasn’t really a good single resource guiding people through designing and coding their first email campaign.

So I wrote one.

Since then, there has been an explosion in email design and marketing resources. We’ve managed to band together to start a conversation around email, share our knowledge, and even build a community together. Along the way, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks and updated a lot of the techniques I once used to build campaigns.

All of that new knowledge has made its way into the second edition of Modern HTML Email, which is now available. Published by my friends and colleagues over at Litmus, it features a bunch of new information for those just starting their journey in email design and marketing. Along with new information about email marketing best practices, legal considerations, testing, and tracking, it features a completely rewritten coding section and email template (which you can download and use in your own projects).

I still bill it as a gentle introduction to email. While it discusses some fairly advanced concepts, I try to present them as clearly as possible—making it easy for anyone to get started with email design.

I’m very proud of the evolution of Modern HTML Email and extremely grateful to Litmus for helping me get the second edition out there. Most importantly of all, I’m thankful for the email community for growing so much over the past few years—sharing their knowledge along the way.

The second edition of Modern HTML Email is available today. You can purchase a copy by itself, or as a bundle with my second book, Professional Email Design (which I’m also in the process of updating…). If print’s your thing, you can also pick up a copy on Amazon.

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