Modern HTML Email is Out Now

August 23, 2013

Modern HTML Email

My first, self-published book - Modern HTML Email - is now available for purchase.

I will likely write more about the process of writing and self-publishing a book later, but for now I want to tell you what to expect when you crack it open.

We’ve all been witness to the rise of the responsive web since Ethan Marcotte released his seminal work, Responsive Web Design. What most people don’t realize is that HTML email marketing is experiencing a similar paradigm shift. With the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile email opens increasing, the need for responsive emails is apparent.

Modern HTML Email is a guide to designing, building, and optimizing responsive emails. The guide begins by walking you through some of the conceptual underpinnings of sending emails and then takes a look at the aesthetic and content choices that go into a successful campaign before digging into strategies to actually code a responsive email. Throughout, I introduce you to many of the problems you will likely encounter building responsive emails as well as some solutions to those problems. The guide finishes with a discussion on optimization techniques for making your campaigns effective and a variety of resources to learn more about modern email marketing.

Head over to the guide’s website for more information about content and pricing. If you’re not ready to buy yet, use the form on the website to download a sample until you are.

I want to thank both Campaign Monitor and Litmus for their help sending and testing emails for the book. More importantly, I want to thank Ros Hodgekiss, Anna Yeaman, Nicole Merlin, Justine Jordan, Elliot Ross, and Alex Ilhan for their contributions to the book and all of the support along the way.

And my amazing wife for all of the help with editing and not complaining when I worked late into the night.