Less Professional, More Personal

November 27, 2016

I feel fraud-y. Not like full-on, breakdown, I’m an imposter fraud. But just a bit fraud-y with how I represent myself online, mainly right here on my own website.

I’ve always used this space to write about the web and email industries, link to talks I’ve given, and generally catalogue a growing and (mostly) successful career. I’ve built myself up as an email designer, writer, and teacher.

Which I am. Which I’ll always be.

But that’s not the entirety of what or who I am. Not even close. The web and email are only two in a laundry list of interests. Hence the fraud-y feelings, which have been growing for a while now and which (I suspect) have been contributing to increasing problems with anxiety and panic attacks.

So, I’m making a few changes around here.

Along with the redesign—which reflects an overarching theme to simplify in my life—I’m reclaiming my website. That’s echoed in the header, “The Personal Website of Jason Rodriguez”, but more so in what I’m calling the theme from here on out:

Less professional, more personal.

While I’m still going to use this space to track my career and write about things like the web and email, I want it to be a better reflection of all of my interests. I want it to act more like a journal, a place to talk about whatever the hell I want. I’ve always found writing therapeutic (among other things), so I want to write and publish here to help clear my head.

I want to feel less fraud-y.

You could argue that I can focus on those other interests and passions in my free time. I do, but the web is a huge part of my life. It’s not only where I work, but where I spend much of my free time learning, chatting with friends, and exploring the world. Why not make it a place to document all of that?

So, here’s to a less professional, but more personal, online home. Expect things to be a bit different around here.