Joining Litmus

October 26, 2013

This past week was my first as the new Community Manager at Litmus. I just wanted to touch briefly on my decision to join Litmus, what I will be doing there, and what it means for this blog and my personal projects.

Litmus and the Future of Email

Previously, I worked in an agency setting doing front-end design and as their resident email expert. While the people were amazing, the work was often uninspiring. As anyone who works at an agency can tell you, it gets defeating after so many years of taking client orders and working on projects where you have little to no personal input.

I found myself working on various side projects to pursue interests outside of work and fulfill some of my own personal goals. One of those goals was to self-publish a book. Towards the end of August, I published Modern HTML Email, a book about designing and building responsive emails. The book got a lot of great press and a fantastic response from readers and people in the email design community.

In writing the book, I talked with quite a few email designers, many of whom contributed quotes and insights to the book. One or two of those people happened to work at Litmus. Not long after the book was out, I was contacted by Litmus about helping to grow the email design community - something that aligned perfectly with my interests and passions. At first, we discussed growing the community by me writing separately from the company. After a few more talks with the Litmus team, they offered me a position that would allow me to contribute to and help grow the email design community in a way that would be hard on my own. It was an amazing opportunity with an amazing team.

I couldn’t pass that opportunity up.

As the Litmus Community Manager, I will be doing everything I can to help build, grow, and educate the community around email design and marketing. A lot of that will take the form of doing a large amount of technical writing on email design both on the Litmus blog and on a new community site and learning center that we are building. Litmus is the best at what they do and never half-ass anything - I plan to continue that tradition by writing the best articles I can about all things email. You will likely see me out at conferences and participating in webinars and online discussions to help educate the community. Pretty much anything I can do to contribute to the email community is what I will be doing. And, with the support and expertise of the Litmus team, we have some pretty amazing stuff planned.

Since I will be doing so much writing in my new role at Litmus, there will likely be less email talk on my personal site. I’ll still likely post the occasional article or rant on more philosophical email topics, but I will be reserving tutorials and technique articles for other outlets. Don’t worry though, I have a multitude of interests and will keep writing here about them - look out for articles on web design, graphic design, and illustration in the future.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Litmus team and cannot wait to share more of what we are working on in the near future. Oh, and if you haven’t already, you should come to The Email Design Conference in Boston next month. I’ll be there along with a ton of amazing email professionals and the rest of the Litmus team.