Introducing Email Toolbox

April 15, 2016

I used to have a page of resources on my website. It acted both as a bookmarking service for myself and a place to document the best writing, tools, and people in the email industry for others.

That page got lost during the course of one too many CMS changes (the most recent to WordPress), and I’ve felt awful about it for the past few months. Especially since I receive about 2-3 emails a month from people looking for it.

But, it wasn’t until answering this Litmus Community question that I decided to do something about it. After typing up a quick response to Maggie, I immediately loathed the fact that I didn’t have that resources page to give to her. That night, I went about building something slightly nicer than whatever I’d throw up on my own website.

Email Toolbox

A few more nights of work and I’m finally ready to show everyone Email Toolbox.

Email Toolbox is my collection of hand-picked resources for anyone that deals with email as part of their job. While it’s currently geared towards designers and developers (since that’s my background), I’ll be expanding it to include resources for general email marketers, strategists, copywriters, and anyone else that touches email.

There are currently seven categories for resources: People, Courses, Writing, Tools, Code, Blogs, and ESPs.

In the near-term, I want to expand that to include newsletters and deliverability. I may work on cleaning up the navigation a bit or adding search, but give me a break—it was put together really quickly after the kids went to bed. I even sacrificed my full attention to House of Cards Season 4 to get it out there.

I’m glad to finally have a place to bookmark all of the great resources for email I come across, and even happier to let others access them, too.

If you think I missed something cool (I most certainly did), then shoot me an email about it.

Until then, have at it.