February 25, 2016

Favorite Emails of February 2016

Eschewing my videos as a means of documenting things, here are my favorite email campaigns from the past month, in no particular order.

Buffer Welcome Email

Buffer email

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My first pick is this nice, simple welcome email from Buffer. While the design is great (can never fault clean templates), it’s the utility of the email that I really love.

Apart from welcoming you to the club, a first email should provide some valuable information, too. A lot of companies choose to bombard you with complimentary products or links to their latest blog posts, but Buffer takes the very human approach of suggesting a single tip: use the browser extension. It’s the perfect suggestion for a tool like Buffer and the well-written copy and large CTA is the perfect way to present it.

I appreciate the postscript, too. It’s a great way to reassure new users that someone will be there for them in case they have any questions. Nice work.

Moogfest Announcement

Moogfest email

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Set aside any complaints you have about the massive walls of text in this event email from Moog Music. Let’s all just sit here and appreciate that color palette and those graphics.

Sure, this email has a lot of problems (length of copy, small text, mobile viewing), but I applaud their bold use of graphics and color to elevate an otherwise boring announcement email into something far more interesting. It’s not as groundbreaking as the latest Collaborative Fund Newsletter, but it’s a huge improvement over their typical email newsletters which are, I’m sad to say, par for the course when it comes to music vendors.

Litmus Newsletter

Litmus email

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I know, I know. I work for Litmus. Still, I can’t help but adore our latest newsletter.

This one was quite the design challenge for Erin and Kevin. It had a lot more content than previous newsletters, and the design was a pretty big departure from past sends, too. I think Kevin killed it with the design, making a ton of information easy to scan, read, and interact with.

Bonus points for the clever nod to Valentine’s Day. Check out the web version and press on that little I Heart Email icon to see some cool animations.

Code School New Course

Code School email

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I’ve said it before, but Code School is one of my favorite senders. They are the perfect example of someone working within a well-established framework while still making every email unique.

Nearly all of their course announcement emails use the same header, body format, and footer, but each one has beautifully made custom graphics and colors to correspond with their equally well-made online courses. I freaking love that illustration, too. Illustrations immediately improve any email, in my opinion.

It’s interesting to look at designer Dan Denney’s approach, too. He recently made the prediction that email will essentially be boiled down to a subject line and call-to-action by 2020. If you’ve been paying attention to Code School’s emails over the years, you can see that slowly playing out. Each one is a master class in succinctness.

While I don’t think we’ll ever get down to emails that simple, Code School’s brevity combined with their playful design sensibility works wonders for their brand.

Have any favorites?

I’d love to see your favorite campaigns. Just shoot me an email with a link or chat me up on Twitter