May 31, 2016

Favorite Emails: May 2016

Another month, another roundup of my favorite emails. In no particular order, here are some campaigns that caught my attention in May.

Sarah Bray’s Wall of Faces

There’s just something about seeing your own face in an email that works. Take, for example, this email from Sarah J. Bray:

wall of faces

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Known for building communities and bringing people together, Sarah is hard at work sharing her process with anyone who wants to take a peek. As someone that prides herself in connecting with others, she does a great job building that social connection right into this simple email.

You are immediately sucked into the wall of faces, hunting for your own within the crowd. What’s really cool is the follow-through of the email. Clicking on any of the faces takes you to Sarah’s Friends page, which features all of those faces and more. People can then click on the individual pictures and connect with those friends on Twitter. It’s a great way to get people not only engaged with the email itself, but each other as well.

Reverb’s Stompable GIF

I’ve talked about Reverb’s excellent email marketing before. While most of their emails are image-based, they are always well-designed and speak perfectly to their audience of musicians. This latest sale email is no exception.

pedal bonanza

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Musicians (especially guitarists) love effects pedals. We generally spend way more money and time than we should buying the latest gadgets, rearranging pedal boards, and questing after the elusive holy grail of tone.

On top of generating copious amounts of FOMO with the sale, Reverb’s animated GIF captures the fun of plugging in your favorite pedals. There’s nothing particularly crazy about it, but the animation is smooth, perfectly looped, completely on-brand, and, most importantly, highly relevant to their audience. It’s hard to ask for more (beyond some live text) in an email.

howies Warm Front

Yeah, yeah… another all-image email, this time from clothing company howies. But check out that rotated, wood-grain text:

wall of faces

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I absolutely love it. Big, bold, creative type is hard to come by in email marketing. So when someone pulls it off so well, I can’t help but gush over it.

On top of the cool type, howies is really good at telling a story and providing some social proof all in the same email. The field test portion of the campaign not only takes subscribers on a quick adventure in their inbox, but also gives them a great testimonial from someone (in theory) very much like themselves.

Overall, the email is a great blend of design, copywriting, and humanity. Well done.

If you come across any outstanding email campaigns, send them my way. I’d love to check them out and maybe feature some in my monthly Favorite Emails series. Just shoot me an email or chat me up on Twitter.