March 31, 2016

Favorite Emails: March 2016

This past month was one of the best I remember for email. It feels like people are finally getting on board with improving their emails, and my inbox is happier for it.

Here are my favorite emails from March 2016.

MailChimp Trio

MailChimp put Freddie to work on some new designs, and they’re all beautiful. My favorite is the rebooted MailChimp for Agencies newsletter.

MailChimp Example

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While the bold colors and massive banded buttons are a treat, the animated sliding boxes are what really put this campaign over the top.

Along with the agency newsletter, MailChimp redesigned both their monthly MonkeyWrench newsletter and their product update emails. Bold colors play an important part in the MonkeyWrench redesign. And no colors play an important part in the product update email, which is interesting. But, it does have the cool banded CTAs from the agency newsletter.

View the MonkeyWrench Scope

View the product update Scope

Ulysses Redesign

My favorite writing app, Ulysses, recently overhauled their website. Good to see they tackled their email newsletter template, too.

Ulysses Example

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While the previous design was no slouch, the updated template is fantastic. It’s extremely clean and the s-curve design is very effective at sucking you into the content. And dig that Ulysses icon in the social bar at the top!

Foundation for Emails Launch

ZURB finally launched their long-awaited updated to Ink, Foundation for Emails 2. It features a completely rewritten framework, its own templating language, and the ability to style things with Sass.

Foundation Example

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I really like ZURB’s use of illustrations and color here (and throughout their products) and the responsive goodness just enhances everything.

Viget Newsletter

I’ve been a huge fan of Viget for a long time. Their blog has always been a world-class source of inspiration and information for the web community. So it always killed me that their email newsletters were… less than ideal. Not terrible, but not fitting of their position as design leaders.

But, with a redesigned website came a completely updated newsletter and all that can be put to rest.

Viget Example

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Clean, works on mobile, and some solid typographic hierarchy makes it a fantastic redesign. Love it.

The 68% Subject Line

There was a lot of love around the web for this subject line from the Sanders campaign, and rightly so.

Bernie Example

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While the email design isn’t groundbreaking (although Bernie absolutely has the best emails in the race), that subject line is superb. It uses simple unicode characters to put an infographic right in the subject line and basically forces you to open the email. A complete win. Now let’s see if Senator Sanders can pull off that nomination.

Even More Amazing Work

Honestly, there were too many campaigns to fit into a single blog post. So, in no particular order, here are a few more of my favorites from the past month.

Oh, and this little email from #LitmusLive. See everyone next month for more of my favorite emails!