June 30, 2016

Favorite Emails: June 2016

Let’s dive right in.

Meet the New Pluralsight

Online education giant Pluralsight unveiled some new features in this excellent email:

Pluralsight email

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The dark, responsive design is a great reflection of their website and feels fresh compared to a lot of the emails cluttering my inbox. The email also uses text wherever possible, ensuring that the bulk of the message gets across even when images are disabled and for people using screen readers.

My only (minor) complaint is that, while it has a video for the main CTA, it’s not that apparent that the hero image is meant to be a video. Sure, there’s a stylized play button, but it gets lost due to placement on the person in the background. A darker background color or frame around the video image could help clarify that the image is advertising a video and drive click-through rates in turn.

SpiritJS Gets Animated

I’m a sucker for good illustration in emails. Combine solid illustrations with beautiful, fluid animations and you’ll get my full attention.

SpiritJS email

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This welcome email from SpiritJS is a fantastic example of both illustration and animation in an email campaign. Animated GIFs are put to good use, showing off some of the features of this JavaScript animation library.

Bonus points for keeping things responsive and using lots of live text, especially a nice monospaced font, which you don’t see every day.

Authentic Jobs Keeps Things Cool

There’s so much that I love about this email from Authentic Jobs, announcing their summer sale:

Authentic Jobs email

Check out the Scope

While a lot of companies would pull off a design like this using only images, the Authentic Jobs team (rightly) relied on live text over a background image and a well-chosen color palette to create a gorgeous email campaign.

Coupled with bulletproof buttons, subtle use of an emoji, and the use of the term “high fivers” in an email, it all comes together to create one of my favorite campaigns in the past few months.

Lingo’s Splash of Color

Rounding out this month’s list is not only one of my favorite campaigns of the month, but quite possibly of all time. What better way to introduce an app update focused on color management than with an extremely colorful, cheerful email campaign?

Lingo email

Check out the Scope

With something as simple as the use of color, Lingo created one of the happiest looking emails I’ve ever seen. It immediately made me smile.

But, there’s more to love than just the palette.

One of my favorite parts of the email is the simple splash of yellow, as if the app is jumping into a giant bucket of paint. This, quite literal “splash of color”, creates a sense of movement and whimsy in the email, without relying on any actual movement from something like an animated GIF or CSS animation. It’s brilliant.

Equally brilliant is the campaign’s subject line, which uses emoji color circles to convey what’s inside the email before even opening it:

New in Lingo! 🔴 C 🔵 O ⚪ L ⚫ O 🔴 R 🔵

In my mind, this is a masterclass in email marketing. It’s a well-designed email that combines cheeky copy, a fantastic subject line, and a real understanding of their target audience to create something wonderful.

A Few More

There were a few more campaigns that crossed my inbox worth mentioning. Consider these my honorable mentions.

  • Code School’s Angular email uses a trick they’ve employed before, but one that never gets old. Using CSS transforms, they combine cool coding techniques with appropriate subject matter to make an awesome campaign.
  • Stumptown Coffee’s spacious email is a beautifully designed, minimalist email with just the right balance between images and actual text.
  • Typecast puts type to work to drum up support for their webinar on typography. So neat and clean.

Check back next month for more of my favorite email campaigns or follow me on Twitter, where I tweet out links to some of the better emails that hit my inbox.