August 31, 2016

Favorite Emails: August 2016

There were a lot of great email campaigns this month. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we’re in a golden age of email design and it’s inspiring to see so many people sending better campaigns.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites from August.


I think I’ve featured one of their campaigns before, but it’s worth repeating that charity:water really knows how to send email. They produce some of the cleanest, most well-written campaigns around.


Check out the Scope

While the copy isn’t of their typical storytelling variety, it’s a nice, concise personal message that fits the campaign well. What I like most is that it feels very human — there’s nothing stuffy about it and it works perfectly with the video CTA image. A big face, a single first name, and that line, “… wanted to tell you about it personally.” It’s fantastic.

The other detail I absolutely adore is the water drop that breaks up the horizontal line at the bottom. It’s such a small touch, but it fits perfectly with the charity:water brand. Superb.

Studio Science Periodic

I hadn’t heard of Studio Science’s newsletter until one of their designers, Austin Woodall, spoke at #LitmusLive. Turns out I was missing out on something special.

studio science

Check out the Scope

There’s so much that’s awesome about this email design, on top of the solid content:

  • It’s nearly all honest-to-goodness, live, HTML text
  • Bulletproof buttons!
  • It’s responsive
  • ‘Dat animated background image

studio science gif

But my favorite part is the angular background images that are the defining feature of the email design. I absolutely love that angled look, and have seen it on the web in quite a few places, but rarely in an email design. It’s a great way to not only add some stylistic flair to a design, but lead the reader’s eye through the content as well.

Typeform Newsletter

Another fantastic example of how to use live text for the majority of your design while still keeping that design interesting.


Check out the Scope

I love the use of colorful text here. It keeps the design fresh and fun. Reminds me of Wistia’s old, all-text newsletters (RIP).

But the best part is the copywriting. What could be a boring and unnecessary apology for lapsed sends is instead an awesome bit of delight:

Sorry about the radio silence. We’ve altered our course to bring you fewer but better articles, with 96% more Star Wars references.

Who doesn’t like Star Wars references?

Likewise, the message for feedback towards the bottom of the email is full of personality and a genuine desire to improve the content of their emails, and their value to subscribers, in turn. Just one more reason that Typeform is one of my favorite products and teams on the web.

Authentic Jobs Weekly No.1

Yet another fantastic email design from the Authentic Jobs crew. This one is chock full of small details that add up to something wonderful.

authentic jobs

Check out the Scope

First, can we all just appreciate that beautiful script logo? Second, more text! Lots and lots of live text. I see a theme developing here…

And, just like the Typeform example above, I love the use of color throughout the email. Not only does color keep the design playful but, in this case, it serves a useful purpose, too. Each section has a label and main call-to-action, with their own unique colors. This helps readers easily distinguish between different sections. Plus, since the labels and CTAs are text-based, those elements are visible even when images are disabled in some email clients.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else the Authentic Jobs team sends, keep up the excellent work.

Have any favorite emails? Shoot me a link over on Twitter, I’m always looking for new things to subscribe to.