Email Takes Resilience

On why email marketing and design is so hard.

Dealing with email clients—their rendering engines conspiring to ruin your day, week, and year. New ones pop up all the time, while old ones stick around way past their welcome.

Email takes resilience.

In the face of other channels, striving to dethrone email, the still powerful queen. Ignore the pundits, who—annually—proclaim the death of email. To those who say that email is only for spam, we know that email can make a difference.

Email takes belief.

Uncaring stakeholders looking for a quick buck. They rent lists, they buy them, they blast everyone to hell. We hold their hands, educate, and show them a better way—even when we’re intimidated or shot down. We stick to it.

Email takes grit.

Underfunded, understaffed. Ignored, ridiculed, and left to languish in a lonely cubicle. The people in the weeds know what email can do. They give it their all, even when others care far too little.

Email takes heart.

Explaining to our parents that we’re not spammers. Explaining to our bosses that mistakes happen. Explaining to our developers that you can’t do it that way. Explaining to each other what worked and what didn’t.

Email takes patience.

Dealing with it all, not letting it get us down. Understanding the craft, the skill, and the art in email. Exploring what’s possible and showing others the way.

Email takes resilience.

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