Better Email Resources

March 5, 2017

I’m retiring, my website of resources for email marketers, designers, and developers. Don’t fret, though, because I’m replacing it with the Email Resources section of this very website.

While I loved the design of, it was a pain in the ass to actually update. The layout was very finicky and it was all static HTML. Adding new resources was a time-consuming process and I quickly stopped updating—despite steady traffic to the site and regular emails from people looking to add more resources.

The new Email Resources section runs on Jekyll (like the rest of my website) and is much easier to update. I have each section of the resources set up as YAML files using Jekyll’s data collections. Now, whenever I want to update that page, I just add some YAML defining a few values for the resource, push it to my GitHub repo, and I’m done.

I’m looking forward to expanding the resources over time (there are a ton of articles in particular that I will be adding soon) and providing what I want to be the best resource directory around for the email industry. If you have a resource you want to see listed, email me and I’ll take a look. I can’t promise I’ll add it—as I want to keep the quality very high—but I’ll definitely check it out to see if it’s a good fit.