Back At It

April 7, 2022

A stylized notebook, pencil, and scribbles on a blue background.

Back in August, I went into maintenance mode—largely signing off most of the internet, closing down my newsletter, and stepping away from shit that was causing a lot of anxiety. The idea was to reduce things that made me feel overwhelmed. But what I’ve learned since then is that life will always be overwhelming.

There’s a lot of really bad shit going on in the world, life feels harder than ever, and sometimes it’s hard to feel hopeful about any of it. But, after a few months away, I realized that interacting with people via my blog, newsletter, projects, Twitter, etc. actually helps me feel better. It helps me feel more connected to a community, process ideas and feelings, and deal with the absurdity and difficulty of modern life.

So, I’m back at it. Publishing my newsletter, Regular Communication, on a weekly basis, interacting on social media (Twitter and the #EmailGeeks Slack), writing more frequently for my own blog, and—perhaps most importantly—reinvesting my time, money, and energy into The Better Email.

If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, now’s the time to sign up. And if you’re curious what I’ve been working on lately, there’s some new stuff available for preorder from The Better Email.