An Update on The Better Email On Marketing

A while back, I announced two new guides from The Better Email.

On Accessibility launched at the end of May and has been doing well. I had planned on releasing On Marketing this month. But I’ve decided not to release it—for two reasons:

  1. I started a new job and have been busy with work and life.
  2. There are better people to learn marketing strategy from than me.

I’ve been at GitHub for a few weeks now. Onboarding has been a great experience, but a tiring one. There’s been a ton to learn and take in and—quite frankly—I’ve been too wiped out after work to put much effort into completing another course. And, after seeing how much work the Marketing Ops team is responsible for, I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. I love being able to apply my knowledge and skills at work, but have found it difficult to find motivation to spend my free time using those same skills. I could push the launch date back more, but honestly don’t think I have it in me to complete another full course anytime soon and don’t want to keep stringing people along until I do.

To the second point, my wheelhouse is design and development. I love HTML, CSS, and accessibility. The two published guides go over those topics in great detail. While I’ve learned a ton about marketing strategy (and most other email-related things) over my decade in the industry, I’m just not as passionate about strategy in the same was as I am design and code. I’m confident that I can teach people plenty about the subject, but I’m less confident in my ability to do the topic real justice, let alone maintain a strategy-focused guide long term. There are other people that have the passion and experience to help you better than me—I just published a blog post full of them.

So, I’ve issued refunds to the folks that have preordered The Better Email On Marketing and have edited The Better Email website to focus on my core topics: design, development, and accessibility.

I want to say thank you to those of you who showed their support for On Marketing. I also want to say sorry. I apologize for setting expectations which I couldn’t end up fulfilling. Next time, I’ll be more careful about announcing projects and accepting orders until the product is more complete and I can realistically launch it. If you have thoughts or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

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