May 15, 2017

A Few More Podcasts

I’ve neglected sharing episodes of The Email Design Podcast for a while now. Purely through laziness. So, here’s a roundup of all the ones I’ve missed lately, for your listening pleasure.

  • Episode #54: We talked to Courtney Fantinato about life in an agency, working with clients and teams, and accessibility.
  • Episode #55: We dug into some recent issues with Outlook and, no surprise, rendering issues with images.
  • Episode #56: CSS Grid comes to email and a look at the #EmailWeekly open redesign.
  • Episode #57: We sat down with Kristin Bond and had a fascinating conversation about her work with Girl Scouts of America and the Women of Email group.
  • Episode #58: More Outlook problems and some love for table tr td’s email builder… in an email.
  • Episode #59: A week of email scandals, plus sending email straight from Slack.
  • Episode #60: We sat down with Chris Coyier to see how he handles email with and CodePen.
  • Episode #61: Our research director, Chad White, filled in for a chat about the latest State of Email Workflows report from Litmus.