About Me

I’m Jason Rodriguez. I consider myself a slightly jaded, somewhat pessimistic—but ultimately hopeful—tech worker.

I’m a marketing operations manager at GitHub and spend my time developing the systems and assets that enable us to communicate effectively with our customers, potential customers, and our wider community.

I publish The Better Email, a series of no-bullshit guides to email design and development—used by thousands of email professionals to create better HTML email marketing campaigns.

There’s a good chance you know me from my time at Litmus, where I taught people how to make better emails—typically through writing some wildly popular articles and ebooks and hosting more webinars, workshops, and conference talks than I can remember. For a few years there, I was responsible for producing and hosting Litmus Live—the industry-leading conference for email marketing professionals.

Before Litmus, I lived the agency life as an email and web designer. I’ve been in the industry for over a decade and have gained a thorough understanding and appreciation of the web and the technologies that power it. I’m an expert in HTML and CSS and a strong advocate for the open web, accessibility, and building inclusive communities online.

Along the way, I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words, including multiple self-published books as well as articles for industry publications like A List Apart and CSS-Tricks. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world educating people about the web, email, and accessibility at conferences and workshops.

In my free time, I volunteer with the Livonia Democratic Club, where I currently serve on the Executive Board as the Digital Communications Coordinator.

I live in Michigan with my wife, two daughters, and a growing collection of musical instruments (mostly ukuleles and a few guitars).

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About My Website

I use Jekyll to build this website, with minimal, hand-coded HTML and CSS. Everything is under version control on GitHub, and hosted via Netlify. Type is set in whatever default sans serif you have installed. And there’s no tracking anywhere on the site.