About Me

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I’m Jason Rodriguez.

I’m the Community & Product Evangelist at Litmus, which is a fancy way of saying that I write and speak a lot about email marketing, design, and development. I work hard to show people how to get the most out of their email marketing, growing their businesses and making genuine connections along the way.

Before Litmus, I lived the agency life as an email and web designer. I’ve been in the industry for the better part of a decade and have gained a thorough understanding and appreciation of the web and the technologies that power it. I’m an expert in HTML and CSS and a strong advocate for the open web, accessibility, and building inclusive communities online.

Along the way, I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words, including three self-published books and articles for industry publications like A List Apart and CSS-Tricks. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world educating people about the web, email, and accessibility at conferences and workshops.

I live in Michigan with my wife, two daughters, and a growing stack of books. A few of which I’ve read.

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