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There's a lot of information out there on email marketing, design, and development. Frankly, a lot of it's outdated, ill-informed, or just plain bullshit. That's why this resources page exists. It's here to give you the best resources on all things email, hand-picked by someone that's been in the industry for years and has spent a lot of that time wading through the muck to find the good stuff.

Below you'll find a curated list of the best people, blogs, courses, code, tools, writing, and companies in the email world. Think something's missing? Email me and I'll check it out.

Looking for something specific? Might want to CTRL+F to search, this is a looooong page.

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The people shaping the industry. The ones working tirelessly to make email better for everyone, often thanklessly. Give 'em a follow or shoot them a friendly email.


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Online classes, workshops, and books to learn more about email marketing, design, development, and strategy.

  • Unmasking HTML Emails Code School | Website
  • HTML Email Design Treehouse | Website
  • Responsive HTML Email Design Front End Masters | Website
  • Modern HTML Email Jason Rodriguez | Website
  • Professional Email Design Jason Rodriguez | Website
  • Getting Started with Email Marketing Skillshare | Website
  • Designing Effective Emails Skillshare | Website
  • Writing Effective Emails Skillshare | Website
  • Measuring Impact with Metrics Skillshare | Website
  • Zurb Responsive Emails Zurb | Website
  • Creating a Responsive HTML Email Lynda | Website
  • HTML Email Design and Development Envato | Website
  • Introduction to Email Marketing General Assembly | Website


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Great writing on email design, development, strategy, and more. Load up your Instapaper account and level up your skills.

  • The Coming Revolution in Email Design Article | Website
  • Can email be responsive? Article | Website
  • Professional Email Design Book | Website
  • Why don't email clients use modern rendering engines? Article | Website
  • Email Design Reference Guide | Website
  • The Hybrid Coding Approach Article | Website
  • Hybrid Coding Redux Article | Website
  • Creating a Future-Proof Responsive Email Without Media Queries Article | Website
  • Creating a Centered, Responsive Design Without Media Queries Article | Website
  • Content Choreography in Responsive Email Article | Website
  • MailChimp Guides Guides | Website
  • MailChimp Research Guides | Website
  • Using Video and Email Together Article | Website
  • The Fab Four Technique Article | Website
  • Super Mail Forward Article | Website
  • Using Flexbox in Email Article | Website
  • Responsive Email Support Article | Website
  • Email Marketing Rules Book | Website
  • Improve Your Email Workflow with Modular Design Article | Website
  • Webfont Alternatives, Fallbacks, and Outlook Article | Website
  • Optimize Your Email Development Workflow Article | Website
  • Building a Dynamic SVG Timer Article | Website
  • Image Budgets for Email Article | Website
  • CSS Shapes in Email Article | Website
  • Typographic Patterns in Email Article | Website
  • Webfont Support in Email Article | Website
  • On the Cusp of Craftsmanship Article | Website
  • Campaign Monitor Guides Guides | Website
  • Can you just make it responsive? Article | Website
  • TD or Not TD? That's Now a Question Article | Website
  • Gmail, We Need to Talk Article | Website
  • Using Images in HTML Email Article | Website
  • How to Hide Checkbox and Radio Inputs in Email Article | Website
  • Reverse Stacking Using Table-Align Based Methods Article | Website
  • How to Hide and Show Content on Mobile Devices Article | Website
  • Typography in Email Article | Website
  • 2016 State of Email Production Report | Website
  • A Guide to CSS Inlining in Email Article | Website
  • The Ultimate Guide to Using Snippets in Email Design Article | Website
  • How to Recover from Email Marketing Mistakes Guide | Website
  • How to Code a Live Dynamic Twitter Feed in HTML Email Article | Website
  • A Gmail-First Strategy for Responsive Emails Article | Website
  • Fitting Responsive Email Client Support into Client Budgets Article | Website
  • Email Client Support for Interactive and Dynamic CSS Article | Website
  • The Ultimate Guide to Preview Text Support Article | Website
  • A Bulletproof Guide to Using HTML5 and CSS3 in Email Article | Website
  • How to Code HTML5 Video Background in Email Article | Website
  • A Guide to Animated GIFs in Email Article | Website
  • The Tyranny of Tables Article | Website
  • A Guide to Bulletproof Buttons Article | Website
  • Alternative Table Structure for Flexible HTML Emails Article | Website
  • Emails with HAML and Jekyll Front Matter Article | Website
  • HTML Emails: Planning and Organization Article | Website
  • Understanding Responsive and Hybrid Email Design Article | Website
  • How to Use Experimental Typography in Email Without Breaking Your Design Article | Website
  • Accessible Email Documentation Collection | Website
  • Fargo Email Development Walkthrough Article | Website


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The best tools for designing, developing, testing, and tracking email campaigns.

  • Affinity Designer Graphics | Website
  • Affinity Photo Graphics | Website
  • Adobe Photoshop Graphics | Website
  • Adobe Illustrator Graphics | Website
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Coding | Website
  • Visual Studio Code Coding | Website
  • Bulletproof Background Images Coding | Website
  • Bulletproof Email Buttons Coding | Website
  • Litmus Email Previews Testing | Website
  • Litmus Email Analytics Analytics | Website
  • Google Analytics Analytics | Website
  • Rebelmail Content & Analytics | Website
  • Taxi for Email Content & Coding | Website
  • StampReady Coding & Design | Website
  • BEE Free Coding & Design | Website
  • Accessible-Email.org Testing | Website
  • EmailChecker.io Testing | Website


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Email frameworks, templates, and code snippets to help make development easier.

  • Litmus Community Template Gallery Templates | Website
  • Foundation for Emails Framework | Website
  • MailChimp Email Blueprints Templates | Website
  • Litmus Community Snippets Snippets | Website
  • Responsive Email Patterns Snippets | Website
  • Email Framework Framework | Website
  • Sendwithus Templates Templates | Website
  • Postmark Transactional Templates Templates | Website


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Amazing email campaigns to serve as inspiration and learning tools. Pop open the code, see what they're doing, and build on those ideas in your own campaigns.

  • Litmus Builder launch email Interactive | View email
  • Collaborative Fund newsletter Design | View email
  • MailChimp for Agencies newsletter Design | View email
  • Alien experimental email Interactive | View email
  • Sonic experimental email Interactive | View email
  • Two Christmas tree email Interactive | View email
  • American Express advent calendar Interactive | View email
  • Offscreen Dispatch newsletter Design | View email
  • Litmus Live tickets email Interactive | View email
  • Litmus Live quiz email Interactive/Dynamic | View email
  • Typeform newsletter Design/Copywriting | View email
  • Charged newsletter Design/Copywriting | View email
  • Sarah J. Bray newsletter Copywriting | View email
  • Casper Valentine's Day email Copywriting | View email
  • Type E: newsletter Interactive/Design | View email
  • Netflix Lemony Snicket promo Copywriting | View email
  • Our Revolution newsletter Design/Hope | View email
  • Code School Angular 2 email Design/Experimental | View email
  • MailChimp for Agencies newsletter Design | View email
  • Collaborative Fund newsletter Design/Animation | View email
  • SpiritJS welcome email Design/Animation | View email
  • Apple Developer WWDC announcement Design/Animation | View email
  • Email Weekly throwback newsletter Design/Animation | View email
  • MailChimp Essentials reminder email Design/Copywriting | View email
  • Code School Free Weekend email Design/Animation | View email
  • Mapbox update email Design/Animation | View email
  • Wistia Soapbox announcement email Design/Copywriting | View email
  • The Monocle Minute newsletter Design | View email
  • A message from President Underwood Design/Copywriting | View email
  • Burberry Shop the Show email Design/Animation/Interactivity | View email
  • Burberry The Scarf Bar Design/Animation/Interactivity | View email
  • Burberry Mr. Burberry email Design/Animation | View email


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The best places to keep up-to-date on the email industry.

  • Rémi Parmentier on Medium Website
  • Email Experience Council Blog Website
  • Email Marketing Chronicles Website


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Companies to help you manage subscribers, send, and track email campaigns.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Website
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