Inauguration Day

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Today is what it is. I’m trying not to dwell on it. Instead, I’m focusing on what I can:

  • Doing some good work for an intelligent, supportive, and diverse group of people.
  • Working on a writing project, making small steps.
  • Spending time with my little family.
  • Exercising, reading, and meditating.
  • Getting ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day and there’s another after that. But I’m not wasting today getting pulled down by one of the more depressing historical events I’ve witnessed in my 31 years on Earth.


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It’s soaking wet (it’s been raining all day), a bit crumpled, and the dye from the cover is bleeding through to the first few pages… but I have one of my notebooks back.

I always assumed people would ignore the “Pertinent Coordinates” if they ever found a lost Field Notes book, but today I’ve found myself surprised by the kindness of strangers. There was no note left, but to whoever dropped it off at my front door: thank you.

A small gesture that improved my day. I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Someone else's fine work ☞

How I Got My Attention Back

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An excellent post from Craig Mod about the current battle for our attention and regaining some while still staying connected. I’m increasingly on the side of limiting social media and internet access in order to nurture attention and focus, so this article really resonated with me.

I particularly like his points about the internet going off before bed and not returning until after lunch. While I’ve been able to mostly stick to the bedtime routine (replacing the internet/TV with reading), breaking that habit of checking my email in the morning and getting sucked into the internet feels significantly harder. Especially with morning work meetings.

I’ve just started using Calendly, though, so maybe I can move towards afternoon-only meetings on specific days and block out the rest for more focused, meaningful work.

Read Craig’s original piece here.