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Note 0016

Published on July 21, 2017

This book update is quickly turning into a much larger project. May need to adjust the release date…

Logbook: July 14, 2017

Published on July 14, 2017

I’ve always wanted to learn to skateboard. Today I finally got one, along with my first injury (a very sore tailbone). Going to take a lot of practice, but I’m not giving up any time soon.

Logbook: July 12, 2017

Published on July 12, 2017

I’m digging deeper and deeper into how to make a business case for certain projects. This is entirely new territory for me. I’ve never worried about proving business value before, more or less followed my gut and had things work out just fine. But this, obviously, isn’t sustainable (especially at a fast-growing company).

Along with it, I’m researching how to communicate my arguments and findings more effectively. I’m quickly becoming fascinated with communication and presenting ideas persuasively and think it could become a big focus of my work (both personal and professional) moving forward. I’ll likely be writing more about it soon.

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