I'm Jason Rodriguez, a designer and writer working to make email design and marketing better for everyone.

Also a sometimes illustrator, occasional coder, and full-time husband and father. I send a weekly newsletter and can be found speaking at industry events, building communities, and tweeting about it all. You can learn more about me here.

Recent Writing

I occasionally write about email design and marketing, the web, coding, random projects, and anything else that I find interesting. You can read everything on my blog.

The Email Design Podcast is Back

The two bald guys return with the latest news for email designers and some unsolicited opinions about pretty much everything.

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Favorite Emails: June 2016

Here are my favorite email campaigns from June 2016.

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Dial Ed for MSO

In which I play detective on the hunt for any kind of documentation, however small, for MSO conditionals and properties.

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Subscribe to Everything

One of the handiest tips when you're getting started in the email industry. Throw caution to the wind and dive in.

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Explaining How I Make Explainer Videos

A bit about my process for creating videos using ScreenFlow, Keynote, and Sketch.

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